Artist’s Books

Today I had the chance to hear about and look at a bunch of handmade, specially crafted artist’s books. These ranged in style from small, plain books with just columns of type within them to huge books with a lot going on.

Oh, and this.

I wish I could find better images of this and a couple other pieces I really enjoyed. This book (well, book and container) tell the story of a bookseller who goes mad. There is a more normal sized, regular edition of this story by Rick Moody (in fact, there is a space in the box for the regular edition, haha). The box itself clasped with sleek magnets and was padded on the inside to suggest the padded walls of an insane asylum. There is also a letter of discharge from the mental hospital and an array of objects mentioned in/relating to the story. The story itself is left as printed galley proofs, in a similar format that you would get back from a typesetting company. The proofs have notes and annotations on the edges, some inked out with white out.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. Surplus Value Books #13 (yes, that’s what that book/story/box is called) was just such an interesting combination of lovely printing, story telling, and packaging all rolled into one.

Also, for anyone who lives/has lived in Iowa and has an interest in this, there have been a lot of lovely fine press books printed here in the past and there continue to be now. Look in the special collections in your library!

Sorry that this post is somewhat disjointed and not all that informational. If you have questions, feel free to ask. 

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